How to play Monopoly

The main goal of the game is to become the wealthiest player by selling, buying and renting property.

The Equipment “Monopoly” game consists of: the board itself, tokens, 2 dice, 32 houses, 12 hotels and cards. There are different cards: Chance cards, Community Chest cards, Title Deed cards for every property, and of course money.

Game preparations are very simple. You just need to place the board on a flat surface. Place the Community Chest and Chance cards on the allotted spaces on the board. Every player must pick a token to represent him or her on the playing board. Each player is given 1500 $ in the following way: 2 of 500$’s, 200$’s and 50$’s; 6 of $20’s; and 5 of each 10$’s, 5$’s and 1$’s.

Next step is “The Banker” selection. This player must be a good Auctioneer and must keep his personal funds separated from Bank funds. In those cases when there are more than five players, The Banker may act only as an Auctioneer and a Banker.

“The Bank” is the place on the board where the Title Deed cards, houses and hotels priors and the game money are kept. It pays salaries and bonuses, gives loans, sells hotels and houses and collects taxes. The bank cannot be ruined and it never goes broke. In case if it runs out of money, The Banker just can make more of them by writing on ordinary paper.

The game play is very easy. Put all tokens on the mark “GO” and start throwing dices, who gets more is the one to start the game. After the throw, move your token in the direction that the arrow and dices number are indicating. Two and more tokens can stand on the same place on the board. According to the place token stays on, you can be entitled to buy some property, pay taxes, get a Chance or Community Chest card or even go to jail. If you throw doubles you move as usually and become subject to all privileges or penalties that spot represents. Three double throws in a row, represents moving your token to the spot named “Jail”.

Each time a player lands on the mark “GO” or passes it, he gets 200 $ from the Bank as a salary. If after a throw the dices land 2 places beyond on a Community Chest, or 7 places beyond on a Chance spot, and he draws out the “Advantage to Go” card, than he is given 2 times 200$.

When you land on a property, there are 2 choices, or you buy it and place it in front of you face up or if you don’t want to buy it is sold at an auction. If you land on other’s property they may get a rental pay in accordance to the list printed.

If you on the Chance or Community Chest spot, you must take the top card from the deck and after using it put it back face down at the bottom. The “Get out of Jail Free” card may be used whenever player wants, or even can be sold to other players, after usage it also is put on the bottom of the deck. “Income tax” makes you to pay a 200 $ or 10 % of all your money to the Bank.

The player goes to “Jail” if he draws the card, lands on the spot or throws doubles 3 times in a row. While in jail you don’t get the 200 $ salary and your turn ends. There are 3 ways to get out of Jail : pay a 50 $ fee; throw doubles on any of your next 3 turns; play the “Get out of Jail card”. If you don’t throw doubles in any of you next 3 turns you must pay the 50 $ fine anyway, and even in jail you may rent sell or buy property.

If landing on “Free Property” the player does not receive any property, money and don’t pay taxes.

When you own all properties in a color- group you may buy houses. If you have 4 houses you can buy hotels. The prices you must pay the Bank are shown on you Title Deeds. A player cannot build more than one house on any property of any color-group until he has built one house on every property of that group. The limit of any color-groups consists of 4 houses. The owner collects double rentals from another player that lands on unimproved properties.

All unimproved properties and other goods may be sold to other players as a private transaction or to The Bank for a half-priced fee.

A player is declared Bankrupted if he owns more than he can afford to pay to another player or The Bank. In case if the debt is to another player, he must give all his values and retire from game. Money can be loaned to a player only by The Bank, and only by mortgaging properties.

The last player left in game is declared the Winner.

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