Monopoly Online Tips

We all know that monopoly is an interesting board game that gained impressive popularity since the day it was invented. Even nowadays in the time of amazing technologic evolution many of us prefer spending an evening with our friends and family members playing this simple board game. Most of players mistakenly think that monopoly is more based on luck than on player skills. Of course luck is an important factor but without certain skills and knowledge winning chances are reduced substantially, on the other hand knowing several winning tactics you raise you chances of winning even though your throws aren’t that lucky. There are numerous tips and tactics about monopoly that are known to gain profit and bring you closer to a victorious finish over you opponents, but we are going to speak about the main tips every player should be using when playing monopoly in this article.

Tip1. Studying the odds of monopoly is very important in building a decent strategy. There are some statistics about this game that can help you in making right decisions. Example of useful facts: Doubles happen with a probability of 17 %; a lap around the board ends in five turns most of the times; the most landed color group is orange etc.

Tip2. Look forward to get to three houses as quick as possible because the rents rise considerably between three and two houses, sometimes more than double.

Tip3. Purchasing railroads should consist one of your primary objectives. Experienced players know that railroads are a better investment than other utilities. Although you should remember that Short Line doesn’t represent an interesting investment because it is rarely used and even though railroads are more important don’t hesitate on buying needed buildings.

Tip4. Even though sitting in jail can make you loose profitable deals while skipping four turns, it also can save you from paying daily taxes. In early beginning sitting in jail isn’t a great decisions, but in late game you may consider about it, especially if you own orange group.

Tip5. Do not buy everything in your sight; it is the way that leads to bankruptcy. Remember that landing on a property you don’t need can be auctioned for a highest price, making interesting deals.

Tip6. Besides Orange color group that is linked to jail; dark blue, purple and yellow properties are the best to own.

Tip7. Do not hesitate on trading in early game, assume the risks and go for the deals, otherwise you risk to turn the game into a pure luck decision.

Tip8. In case you have the necessary cash and you landed on the last site of a color group your opponent is completing, buying it should turn into a profitable deal later.

Knowing these basics will give you the opportunity of completing a large specter of strategies against other players. Good Luck in building your monopoly!


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